Registration Information

After reviewing the following information, you may register for any of the camps held at Mt. Morris by clicking here.

How to Register For Summer Camps at Mt. Morris



Online Registration

If you wish to register online for a camp held at Mt. Morris please click on the "Western District Camps" link in the sidebar, and then click on the link of the camp you wish to register for.  Fill out the form and be sure to hit "Submit."  Your application will be processed by the registrar, and you will receive an email letting you know that your registration has been received, and an attachment containing the remaining forms that will need to be submitted upon arrival at camp.


Paper Registration

Please complete the registration form and mail it with either the non-refundable registration fee or payment in full.  We do not accept credit card payment by mail.  Checks can be made payable to “Western District Camps” with the name of the camp (ex. 4M, Ba6, Junior, Winmor, Chetek) the camper will be attending in the memo line. All necessary forms can be downloaded from the camping website at by clicking on the "Camper Forms" section.


All registration forms for 4M, Ba6, Junior, Winmor and Chetek camps can be mailed to the Western District Camp registrar at the address below.   

(Camp Name)

C/O Linda Rabbach

               N7173 Hwy 26 

     Watertown, WI 53094


       Phone: 920.699.3781    




In most cases if you wish to withdraw your camp registration, payments less the registration fee can be returned.  For unique circumstances a request for return of the registration fee can be made to the registrar. 

Financial Aid


Scholarships: Many Moravian Churches offer scholarships for their church members.  If you are a member of a Moravian Congregation, please check with your church to determine fund availability.


In addition to financial support available through your congregation, the following sources of financial aid are available:


Western District Moravian Youth Camp Fund Voucher

The Moravian Youth Camp Fund was created by a gift from persons interested in promoting attendance by youth at Western District church camps sponsored by the Moravian Church.  Its purpose is to reduce camp fees and thereby enable a larger group to benefit from the camp experience.  You do not have to be a Moravian to receive these fund, you just have to attend a Moravian sponsored church camp.  The fund is administered by the Western District Executive Board, and a voucher system for payment is used.  See your pastor to receive a voucher.  You may either mail the signed voucher to your camp’s director before camp, or bring it with you to camp.  In 2017 the amounts will be as follows:

              4M                                                              $45.00

              Junior Camp – Wisconsin                            65.00

              Ba6                                                               65.00

              MINDYY                                                     65.00

              Winmor                                                        90.00

              Chetek                                                          90.00




Camping Ministry Committee Travel Assistance

The Camping Ministry Committee (sub-committee of the Moravian Western Christian Education Commission) offers $100.00 to drivers traveling more than 400 miles round trip to camp.  Please contact  Kathy Liebenow, (address/phone/e-mail below) to request this assistance.



Camping Ministry Committee – Multiple Camper Discount

The Camping Ministry Committee will reimburse $40.00 for each camper beyond the first two campers in any family.  This applies to 4M, Junior Camp – WI, MINDYY, Winmor and Chetek.  To receive this multiple camper discount, send the following application form, which has been placed at the bottom of this web page as a down-loadable attachment, to:

Kathy Liebenow
501 N 6th St
Watertown WI 53094

Phone: (608) 213-6417


Camping Ministry Committee – Multiple Camper Discount Application


Parent’s/Guardian’s Name(s)  ______________________________________________________________________


Address:  ________________________________________________________________________


Telephone # and/or e-mail address:  _____________________________________________________________________


       CAMPERS’ NAMES                                                        CAMP ATTENDING

              1.  (Full Fee)              __________________________________________________________________            

              2.  (Full Fee)              __________________________________________________________________

              3.  ($40 off)              __________________________________________________________________

              4.  ($40 off)              __________________________________________________________________

              5.  ($40 off)              __________________________________________________________________


Deadline to apply for the Camping Ministry Committee discount is August 20th.  Applications will be processed and reimbursed to families in September 2011.


Justin Rabbach,
Feb 13, 2012, 10:44 AM